Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fazer brunch for insiders

The brunch at Fazer on Kluuvikatu is well known and very popular. But have you tried the Fazer brunch on the top floor of Stockmann at Tema already? Enjoy a top quality brunch for a reasonable price in a stylish and comfortable environment.

Most people probably don’t even know that the eighth level at Stockmann has more to offer than just a café. But when you leave the elevator and turn to the right you will soon come to Ravintola Tema that is part of the Fazer group. They have Sunday brunch from 12 to 17:00. For just 19,90€ you can eat from the buffet which includes a wide assortment of delicious starters and desserts. For an additional 10 € you can also have warm main dish. But believe me the buffet will make you more than happy. You find everything from fresh salads with asparagus, shrimps, olives and feta cheese to cold smoked salmon, chicken curry or beef with spring onion topped with raspberry sauce. But keep some space for a sweet berry smoothie and one of the heavenly Fazer cakes for dessert.

The brunch at Tema is no doubt one of the best you can find in Helsinki. And since it’s not that well known yet you don’t have to worry about not getting a table or queuing for the buffet.

Enjoy your brunch!

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