Monday, March 25, 2013

Tickets and comments via NFC

Did you know that you can buy your ticket for Helsinki’s public transport easily on the go? For trams, the metro and selected bus lines you can get your ticket with your phone. If you have a smart phone that supports NFC the only thing you have to do is hold your phone against the NFC sticker saying “Kännykkälippu” you find at the stop or station, tap the button to confirm your purchase and you’re good to go.

You will also find a second NFC that gets you to Pysäkkiseinä.fi. Here you can leave comments and questions about your travelling experience.

You can of course also order a ticket with a cell phone without NFC support. Just send a text with “A 1” to the number 16355 (supported by all Finnish carriers) and you will receive your ticket via SMS. The ticket has to be purchased before entering the tram, bus or metro.

For more information see the HSL website or watch the explanation video.

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