Friday, March 8, 2013

Shopping for singles

All the lonely hearts in and around Helsinki should consider doing their next grocery shopping at Iso Omena in Espoo. The K-Citymarket there just introduced the single baskets.

Single baskets (Sinkkukori) at K-Citymarket in Iso Omena
The concept is pretty simple but genius. If you are single and are searching for someone to share your life with you just pick up one of the yellow Sinkkukorit instead of the normal red or blue ones. That way you can spot other singles while taking care of your groceries. If someone looks interesting just start a chat. A look into the other ones basket should provide you with enough topics to talk about. And maybe soon you'll be doing your grocery shopping together.

The service is of course for free. So far the K-Citymarket in Iso Omena is the only place that offers it. But maybe more supermarkets will follow soon.

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