Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to get a doctor’s appointment in Helsinki

In case you have to visit a doctor in Finland you should know a few things. It works a bit different here than in most other countries.

In Finland you don’t have a family doctor that you go to every time and that knows you. Finnish doctors are arranged in so called Terveysasemat (health stations) similar to a hospital. You will most likely meet a different doctor every time you go there. But don’t worry they all of course have access to your medical history.

If you need an appointment, look up the number of the health station closest to you. You can find their number and lot of other useful information online on the website of the city of Helsinki. Don’t forget to have your Finnish social security number ready if you have one. 

Should you need any general medical information and advice over the phone you can call the local service number (09) 10023 around the clock.

Stay healthy!

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