Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sushi or bento?

Sushi places can be found all over Helsinki meanwhile. Even some Chinese restaurants started selling it. So why not try some other delicious Japanese dishes for a change?

One of the best places in Helsinki to do that is Sumo. The rather small restaurant on Eerikinkatu has a lot to offer and is the perfect lunch place. Apart from sushi you will also find other exciting dishes on the menu like their famous bentos. 

A bento is a box containing everything essential for a good Japanese meal. It usually comes with rice, spring rolls, small salad and – depending on your choice – meat, fish or vegetables. They have changing bentos on the lunch list every day and they are all amazing. Just pick one and you won’t be disappointed. All lunch orders come with a tea and a miso soup.

Lunchtime is from 11 to 14.00 but you can of course also order a la carte here at any time. Go ahead and try it!

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