Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dining with the tsars

St. Petersburg is just a few hundred kilometers away from Helsinki. Not a long distance and a pretty nice trip for the weekend. Unfortunately it is still not too easy. Especially the application for a visa makes it unnecessarily complicated to get to Russia.

For those of you how would like to experience a Russian evening without having to go through all the trouble there is Saslic. It is probably the best and most traditional Russian restaurant you will find in Helsinki. The interior and the great food will make you forget you’re still in Helsinki.  

How about some pickled cucumber with garlic, acacia-honey and sour cream or blini with cold-smoked salmon roe of rainbow trout for starter? And if you want to have the full experience, take Zakuska, an assortment of appetizers that will amaze you.

And what about a Russian beef fillet or Chicken breast à la Kiev after that? All main dishes are served on a hot grill with sauerkraut, red cabbage, pickled small onions, fried string beans and Georgian style marinated onions, braised garlic, pickled cucumber, cranberries and parsley on the side and start from 22 €.

If you are not completely full already after those dishes don’t miss out on the delicious desserts. Enjoy a heavenly iced cranberry parfait with hot caramel sauce while listening to traditional Russian music. The musicians that play here every day are extremely passionate about what they do. And so is the rest of the staff. Everyone here is doing their best to guarantee you a perfect evening at Saslic.

If you are searching for a great Russian restaurant this is the place.

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