Saturday, November 17, 2012

All In

Are you a lucky person? Maybe you should try it. One way is to play in the lottery. Another one is to go and visit Casino Helsinki right in the center next to Rauttatientori.

Much unlike other casinos you don’t have to suit up completely when you come here. Smart casual look will do just fine. The entrance to the casino is for free. Official you have to pay some extra for the wardrobe but since leaving the jacket is for free for members and since you have to become a member anyway to be allowed to enter you can use that extra money on gambling as well.

The casino has everything from machines to roulette and poker. You will need some cash here since cards are not accepted. But don’t worry there is an ATM on the first level. Downstairs you will find a small bar and even a restaurant that serves surprisingly reasonably prices food.

Gambling in Finland falls under similar strict regulations as drinking and smoking. That is why the casino is run by RAY, the state-owned gambling company. That means that all the profit that is made here goes right into charity. Keeping that in mind it doesn’t feel too bad when you lose.

But anyway you should stick to your limits. Because no matter how the odds are one thing is for sure. In the end the bank always wins.

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