Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wilderness at the gates of Helsinki

From time to time Finns love to be in the middle of the woods far away from all other living souls. Then they leave the city and go for long walks somewhere through the wilderness. 

This sounds tempting for you as well? Well, it’s again a beautiful sunny fall day. Why don’t you visit Nuuksio National Park today? It is located in Espoo and just a few kilometers away from the city center of Helsinki. You can easily get there by car or bus.

Nuuksio National Park covers an area of 45 You can hike here for hours or even days. They have several marked routes that vary between 2 and 8 kilometers and are perfect for a weekend walk. If you are searching for something more exciting you can also get a map or ask the guides at the information point at the beginning of the park to help you make your own route.

Enjoy the nature!

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