Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What milk would you like?

You will probably barely find a bigger selection of different kinds of milk anywhere else in the world than in Finland. In Finnish supermarkets picking a pack of milk can become a day filling task.

You might be also used to full, reduces and fat free milk but in Finland it doesn’t stop with that. Of course you will get lactose free milk since almost every second Finn is allergic to lactose. But what about some milk that is also good for your digestive system? Or milk with extra calcium? And what if you want to have fat free milk with extra calcium but without lactose or rather one with extra vitamins but 1% of fat? No problem in Finland. Even if you think it’s better to milk the cows during the night there is some special night milk for you available.

To find the biggest selection, visit one of the Prismas, K-Citymarkets or Stockmann Herkku.

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