Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love all, serve all

After several months of constructing, renovating and decorating the Hard Rock Café Helsinki opened its doors for its visitors for the first time. Even though the opening was unannounced the restaurant filled up in no time.

When stepping through the door of the new Hard Rock Café you first enter the HRC Store where you can buy all the well known T-shirts, sweaters, glasses etc. The stairs get you up to the real café.

Unlike most other HRC the one in Helsinki is built in a lounge style. It is not dominated by the typical yellow and orange colors but rather by a restrained purple. The second floor is huge and divided into a restaurant and a bar area. The location was chosen very well. It couldn’t get any more central. You have a beautiful view on the facades of Stockmann and all those city lights on Mannerheimintie during the evening.

The menu is more or less the same you’ll find in any other HRC which doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. They have amazing food. But you shouldn’t count calories if you come to dine here. Try for example the Hickory Smoked Pulled-pork Sandwich. 

Or just ask the staff for recommendations. They are very friendly and glad to help you. What might be a bit surprising (for Finland) is that you have the option to tip the waiter when you pay.

Of course you will also find lots of items from famous Rock and Pop stars on the walls. Walk around and take a look. They also have small explanation signs next to every exhibit.

So go there and check it out for yourself! Visiting a Hard Rock Café is always an experience.

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