Friday, October 19, 2012

Helsinki’s nicest doorman

For bars in Helsinki it’s quite common to have a doorman – especially in the center. Unfortunately some of them are pretty unfriendly and can even ruin your whole evening if they are in a bad mood. If you like to meet a doorman quite different from that you should pay a visit to Baker’s Tempo in Kalevankatu.

On weekends you will meet Michael here. He is probably the nicest doorman you will find in Helsinki and most likely even in whole Finland. As being a real gentleman he will open the door for you even find you a nice table inside. If the bar is full he will do his best to suggest you a later time when there should be seats available again.

And Baker’s Tempo is a really nice place. With its well selected furniture and the candlelight it provides a very cozy atmosphere. Since it is divided into several small rooms it makes you feel more in an apartment then in a bar.

Order a good wine from the bar and enjoy a relaxed night at Baker’s Tempo.

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