Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everything you need and more

Tiger stores are pretty amazing shops. Their assortment doesn’t seem to follow any rules. They have all kinds of household equipment but at the same time also toys, decoration and candies.

The concept of Tiger is to have round prices. You won’t find anything for 1.59 € or 3.75 €. Things are 1 € or 2 € and are hardy every much more expensive then 3 €. That makes it fun to walk through there. You’ll find so many things at Tiger that you didn’t even know you need before. And since everything is so cheap you’ll find it tough to leave this place without buying anything. At least a chocolate bar next to the counter for 1 € will always end up in your shopping basket.

You can find Tiger three times in Helsinki. So check it out. You can really find some useful stuff here for a good price. But don’t come here to often! It might get expensive otherwise.

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