Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To Finland for reindeer

The Flash Bang Band from UK will come to Helsinki for 27/28/29 October. But they are not just here for a short sightseeing visit. The three guys from England are on a crazy mission to get 25 kilos of reindeer meat for a Scandinavian Punk Festival at Northern Lights in Brighton.

But to succeed their mission they would need some gigs here in Helsinki. They would play basically everywhere. So should you know a pub, café, restaurant or club or might even want to have them at your own house party e-mail them. You will also find more information on the band and their music on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube.

You are a band from Helsinki and have some good tips and suggestions for them? In exchange they would be more than happy to also help you out with contacts and gigs in England.

Now it’s your turn. Get active and help Flash Bang Band to accomplish their mission!

Stay updated on the project on HelsinkiIn!

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