Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finland, get ready for those guys!

As you read here earlier the English Flash Bang Band will be on a mission at the end of September. They travel to Finland to get 25 kilos of reindeer meat.
Now they even produced a video in Finnish to promote their visit. Check it out!

Their first gigs in the capital area are already booked:

Friday 28th September: Bar Loose, 9pm
(Annankatu 21 - +358 9 5861819)
Friday 28th September: Darkside Club, stage time 11pm
(Perhonkatu 6)
Saturday 29th September: Suvizza 
(Sokinsuontie 4, Espoo - (09) 805 1495) w/ Desyre + Batbones
If you can help them out with getting more arrangements just e-mail them.

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