Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rock the weekend at Stone's

A great place for the weekend but also for a drink during the week is Stone’s.

It has one of the best and most wide selections of tap beers you can find in Helsinki. Among them you find also pretty unusual stuff like American steam beer and other quite exotic brews. If you can’t decide ask the staff to recommend you something. They are happy to help you and also let you try one or two beers.

Apart from the beer they also have really good food which is surprising for a pub. Check their menu and try one of Stone’s burgers, a small snack or one of their delicious desserts like the coconut cake. The menu changes relatively often and the food is always good.

If you decide to come here more often or even just want to spend several hours here it might make sense for you to apply for their customer card. You get it for 5 Euros right away and save up to 2 Euros starting from your first drink. There are always two really good beers and also some other nice drinks on offer.

Stone’s is located right in the center between Aleksanterinkatu and the main station. You easily get there and back home at any time. Busses, trams, trains and taxis leave right around the corner.

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