Saturday, August 18, 2012

Restaurant Day is coming to town

Sunday is Restaurant Day. This weekend hundreds of pop up restaurants in Finland and the whole world will open their doors again for one day. For the third time this year the Restaurant Day (Ravintola Päivä) is organized. Everyone can open their own restaurant on that day.

a gallery becomes a restaurant for one day
Living rooms, galleries, shops, garages, terraces and lots of other places turn in to cafés and restaurants on Sunday. The variety will be huge again. Just in Helsinki over 300 pop up restaurants will participate. Before you go on Sunday you should really check the website. There you find all the places that are going to be open. Try to make a plan where you want to go and what you want to try. Also download their app to your smartphone to have an overview over all the places also on the go. You should have some cash with you though. Since this is organized by private people you won’t be able to pay by card.

Restaurant Day is always a great experience. You get to try new food and get to meet a lot of new interesting people. Go there!

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