Friday, August 10, 2012

A snack in the night

You are planning on partying tonight? There are so many good places to go to. But you know that sudden hunger that reaches out for you when you leave the bar or the club late in the night? Before get in line to queue for a taxi or try to catch one of the rare night busses to get back home you’d love to have a “small” snack.

Well, fortunately there is Pikku Jaska. It’s a tiny grill right in the center between Lasipalatsi and Forum. This place is the little brother of Jaskan Grilli in Töölö. Both places are legendary among locals. This is where you get your unhealthy midnight snack. 

And they have exactly what you need after a few drinks. Try for example pyttipannu (fried potatoes with pieces of bacon and sausage) or makkaraperunat (French fries with sausage). Yes sure, it’s not exactly the best food for a healthy diet. But let’s face it, the evening was anyway not healthy at all. And a good portion from Jaska does one thing for sure – saving you from a major hangover tomorrow.

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