Monday, July 16, 2012

Empty Helsinki

"I'm on holidays from 25.6 till 20.7. Have a nice summer!"
If you live and work in Finland this is nothing new for you. But for those of you that are just here for vacation or are planning to visit or maybe even move to Finland it might be important to know that July is the holiday moth in Finland.

Sure, July is a holiday month in lots of countries. But not the same way as in Finland. Here the people leave the cities around Juhannus or latest in the beginning of July and most of them don’t come back till August. The Finns usually spend the whole July in the countryside in their mökkis (summer cottages). Companies empty out then and it is not uncommon that shops, restaurants and cafés close completely for that time.

Without the tourists Helsinki would probably be a ghost town during July. But don’t worry; the infrastructure still works pretty well. Just be sure to always check opening times online before you go out to visit the restaurant someone recommended you.

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