Monday, July 9, 2012

Coffee straight from the roastery

One of the probably best cafés in Helsinki is La Torrefazione. Here they don’t just serve really good cake and pastry. They also have really good coffee. A reason for that is probably that they roast their coffee beans themselves.

La Torrefazione is located on Aleksanterinkatu pretty close to Stockmann. Unlike other cafés it is situated on the second floor. That unfortunately makes it complicated to get there with a push car or a wheelchair. But the location has also its benefits. Through the big windows of the café you have a good view over Aleksanterinkatu, one of the busiest streets in the city.

If you go there don’t miss out on the pastry. You won’t regret it. The small passion fruit tarts are amazing. But also everything else is worth a try.

If you are not that much into coffee, you should try their white hot chocolate (with whipped cream and black and white chocolate flakes). 

Healthy is something else but a small treat now and then can’t harm :)

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