Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bubble Tea in Helsinki!

Finally you can also enjoy Bubble Tea in Finland – at Café E2! In most bigger European cities you can find Bubble Tea cafés at almost every corner nowadays. In Helsinki it was unfortunately not possible though to get your hands on this fancy Asian drink. But a few weeks ago the first Bubble Tea café finally opened in Helsinki.

Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan in the early eighties. The original version consists of milk based tea (black or green) to which the so called tapioca pearls are added. Tapioca pearls are made from sweet potatoes, cassava root and brown sugar. They are slightly sweet and are chewy like gummy bears. And they give the Bubble Tea its name and its specific look.

The small Café E2 on Eerikinkatu is a really small but cozy place that is actually run by Taiwaneses. So the Bubble Teas couldn’t be more original. You get a glass for 4,50 €. They also have take-away. Of course you can also just have a normal coffee or tea there.

Take your time when getting a Bubble Tea. If you really want to enjoy the taste and the exotic pearls it takes a while to finish a glass.



  1. Hi Ansgar,

    I have been reading your blog since March, around the time it apppeared that I will be spending the summer in Helsinki. You provide valuable information -at least for me- and I am sure many people appreciate this. I knew many things about what to do/know/see before my arrival. Now that I am in Helsinki for about two weeks, your blog will help me more.

    Many thanks.
    Cigdem from Ankara, Turkey

  2. Hei Cigdem,
    I am happy to hear you like the blog. And great that you got some helpful informations from it.
    I'll try my best to keep you updated and informed well about things going on in Helsinki.
    Have a great time here!

  3. AW YES!
    I've been living here since November and bee searching for bubble tea all along. So glad I found this article. No idea how black/green bubble tea tastes like, though, I've only had fruity ones...

  4. nice to have it in Helsinki... Gonna taste it soon !

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