Saturday, July 14, 2012

A bike for everyone

Finland is full of good ideas. Lots of great products have been invented here. Among them is the idea of building a bike that all people could use, no matter what sex, age, size or financial status.

That was the idea of Eero Helkama. Together with the industrial designers Eero Rislakki and Erkki Rahikainen he designed a bike that would fit everyone and started producing it, paying close attention to make it affordable for everyone. This bike was called Jopo (jokaisen polkupyörä = everyone’s bike).

Jopo became a big hit in Finland – and it is till today. Being pretty basic without gears or any fancy extras it is the perfect city bike. Due to its simple design it fits everyone. Jopo is available in various colors and now already produced in the third generation.

Meanwhile the variety of models is much wider and you can also get it with three gears or even with an electro engine. But the basic model is still the most popular. You get it for around 400 €. 

Those bikes are really wanted – unfortunately also by thieves. So don’t forget to lock them properly.


  1. 400 € should be affordable for everyone? Although the idea is nice, the market offers and produces bikes for less than 400 €. I can not see any advantage in this "city-bike".

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