Saturday, June 30, 2012

Go out and have fun!

There are so many things going on in Helsinki during the summer that it sometimes gets tough to decide what to attend. This weekend and especially today you have lots of great choices again. And since the weather seems to be quite stable there is nothing keeping you inside.

Last Monday Helsinki Pride began. It is the biggest GLBT event in Finland. Lots of events will take place till July 1st that are of course open to everyone. Watch the big parade today at 12 e.g. or enjoy live music at the free Festival in the Park at Hakasalmi Park. More information and the whole program can be found on their official website.

Starting from 12 there will be also again live music at Espan Lava. Under the motto Rock&Jazz several bands will be performing till the early evening. Music at Espan Lava is of course free like always.

You want more free live music? No problem. On Iso-Robertinkatu the Sun Roba Festivaali takes place. It’s a street festival with lots of music and events the whole day. It will be opened at 12.

You were wondering, why there are so many black dressed heavy metal people everywhere in the city these days (I mean even more than normally)? It has to do with Tuska (Finnish for pain, agony) Festival. If you are into heavy music this is the place to go this weekend. In Suvilahti bands will be performing on four stages. Tickets are 65€ for one day (90€ for two days) if you buy online or 75€ (100€ for two days) at the ticket box at the entrance. Check out their website.

Till Sunday also the Event Park of the European Athletic Championships at the Olympic Stadium is still open for visitors and has lots to offer. It’s the perfect place for families.

There is definitely something for everyone. So have a great weekend!


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