Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the Finnish Fish and Chips

Some of you might have tried it already last weekend at Juhannus dinners. Silli and potatoes are one of the most traditional Finnish dishes. 

Silli is nothing else then pickled herring. But here you get it in thousands of different versions. To get an idea go to one of the big supermarkets and head for the fish shelf. Of course you can also catch your own fish and pickle it yourself. But you still should make use of the big variety stores in Finland offer.

With the silli you serve boiled potatoes. And that’s already it. You can of course widen your meal with some smoked salmon, mätitahna (caviar cream – more on that some other time), tzatziki and butter.

It sounds quite basic but believe me, it’s great food for a warm summer day when you don’t want to spend too much time with cooking and just want to have a light dish.

Try it!

By the way, silli with potatoes is also a traditional Christmas dish in Finland.

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