Sunday, June 24, 2012

60 years Lonkero

Lonkero is the perfect drink for summer and has a long tradition in Finland.

The history of this drink dates back to the year 1952 when the Olympic summer games were held in Helsinki. The city expected masses of tourists and to make it possible for bars to serve big amounts of refreshing drinks the company Hartwall created two pre-mixed long drinks (gin with grapefruit and brandy with Pommac). The production of the brandy-pommac version was stopped in the 70s but the gin-grapefruit-mix became extremely popular among Finns in no time. Today Lonkero – how the locals call it – is the most sold single product at Alko.

For this year’s 60ths anniversary Hartwall sells Lonkero also in the retro bottle from the 50s again.

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