Sunday, May 13, 2012

A relaxed Sunday at the Casino

In Kulosaari east of the center of Helsinki the restaurant Casino is awaiting your visit. The traditional building was built in 1915 and is located next to a sailing harbor on a small island that is connected by bridge to the main land. From the restaurant and especially from its terrace you have a beautiful view over the small bay. At this time of the year you can observe lots of birds while enjoying your drinks.
You can come there for a fancy lunch or dinner or just to have a drink. You can of course also rent the place for weddings, birthday parties and such.

Being one of the oldest and most exclusive places in Helsinki the prices are high but don’t really differ much from what you pay in the center of Helsinki.

The location has the big advantage that you don’t have any city noise. Therefore it is not that well connected by public transport. You have to take the metro to Kalasatama, continue with bus line 16 and walk the last 500 meters.

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