Monday, May 21, 2012

How to find good wine and beer

By now you are probably aware of the Finnish alcohol selling system. Everything that has more than 4.7 % of alcohol can’t be sold at normal supermarkets but has to be sold at the state owned liquor stores called Alko. Unfortunately that breaks down the variety of things you can buy to what Alko has in their assortment. Still they normally have quite a lot of good products in most Alko stores. If you are searching for something special though and want to have a bigger variety and get some good suggestions what would go best with your food e.g. you should check out Alko at Paasikivenaukio right across from Kiasma. It is the biggest Alko in whole Helsinki and has a really big variety of all kinds of alcoholic drinks. The prices don’t differ from any other market since they are regulated through the state. It is expensive anyway.

This place like any other Alko in Finland is closed on Sundays.

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