Sunday, May 6, 2012

The dilemma with the World Cup

Imagine it’s ice hockey world cup and nobody is watching. That’s pretty much the case at the moment with the championships taking place in Helsinki and Stockholm at the moment. Since the broadcasting rights were too expensive the public TV station YLE doesn’t show any of the games. The private broadcasting company around MTV3 got the rights this time but will only show games of the Finnish national team on free TV (MTV3 and AVA). For everything else you have to buy a pricy subscription for Channel+ or via the online platform Katsomo.

And if you don’t plan on paying ridiculous amounts of money watching a game live in the stadium is also out of question. Prices for games in the first round start from 90 Euros. For a Finland game you have to calculate with at least 150 Euros per ticket. No wonder that the stadiums in Stockholm and Helsinki half full in best case.

The only chance to see the games is going to one of the sports bars.

It’s really a pity how the greed of the organizers made the world cup in one of the most ice hockey crazy countries in the world such a disaster.

For those who want to get at least some world cup feeling into their homes here a list of the games shown in free TV:

05/06    16:00     Finland – Slovakia           MTV3
05/08    19:55     Finland – Switzerland      AVA
05/10    19:55     France – Finland             AVA
05/11    19:55     Finland – Canada             AVA
05/13    16:00     Finland – USA                MTV3
05/14    19:55     Kazakhstan – Finland      AVA
05/17    18:10     Quarterfinal 3                 AVA
05/19    14:15     Semifinal 1                     MTV3
            18:10     Semifinal 2                     AVA
05/20    15:40     third-place game             AVA
            20:15     Final                             AVA


  1. It's not World Cup, it's World Championships.

  2. It's so expensive to see hockey live these days. It has a lot to do with what were paying hockey players. They do have a short career but overall they are paid way to much. Our culture is to obsessed with entrainment.