Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pop-Up Café at Espan Lava

Espan Lava Pavilion on Southern Esplanadi is used as a stage for music and theater or hosts art installations during summer. The rest of the year it is normally closed. But a few days ago Café Köket opened its doors there. The pop-up café will be there till April 10th

It is a really nice and bright location. You should check it out. They have delicious cakes and a nice variety of coffee and tea. (Try the licorice tea and the sitruuna-marenkipiirakka!)
After April 10th Café Köket will move to its normal location a few meters down the street to a tent next to Kauppatori.

UPDATE: Café Köket is now back at it's ususal location on Esplanadi a few meters down from Espan Lava.

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