Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flower Carousel

Just a few days ago this interesting new maschine was put up at Forum Shopping Center. It’s called Kukka Karuselli and it allows you to buy flowers right from the automat. The prices for the bouquets vary between 7.50 and 20 Euros. I really handy way to get to some flowers fast if you are just on your way to a friend’s birthday or forgot to buy something for your anniversary. 
But honestly it’s not really a big advantage compared to a normal flower shop. It can’t even compete with its opening times since the shopping center closes completely at the same time as the shops in it.
Anyway it’s definitely a funny idea and probably also worth trying it out once.


  1. Ha, quite an interesting idea. Did the flowers look to be in good condition?

    1. Isn't it :) Yes, they looked quite good. I think I will try that at some point.

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