Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angry Birds in Space and at Kamppi

Today Rovio released its new game Angry Birds Space. And at Kamppi they gave people the possibility to check out the new game. 

With a huge campaign Rovio advertised the new Angry Birds and even cooperated with NASA for that. Angry Birds Space basically works the same way you are used to from Angry Birds. With a big sling you have to try to through the little birds at the evil piggies. What has changed in the new version is that the rules of gravity have changed. Now you have to take into account zero-gravity and the gravity single planets have. Therefore Rovio made it a bit easier showing the player where the bird will go in advance. That seems to make it way easier than before but believe me it’s still tricky enough. But it’s hard to just explain a game with words. That’s why you should check out the following two short videos to get a better idea of Angry Birds Space.

Angry Bird Space can now be downloaded for Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Apparently the cooperation with Nokia didn't work that well this time since there is no version for either Symbian or Windows Phone yet.

Merchandising for the new game and its new characters (the birds looks have changed and the icy bird has been added) is just available in the US so far but will come to Europe in May. One of them is a book about space that Rovio published in cooperation with NASA and National Geographics. It’s a science book about space.

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