Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday walk around Uunisaari

On a beautiful sunny Sunday like today one of the nicest areas to go for a walk is definitely the seaside at Kaivopuisto. There is no straight bus or tram connection to get there but the trams 3B/T and 10 as well as the bus line 14 get you pretty close there. During the winter a bridge connects the land with the small island Uunisaari (oven island). Here you can have a short break in the café (open Saturdays and Sundays) before walking to the island Liuskasaari that is connected through a mole. At the moment the whole bay is frozen so you can even go for a round tour that ends at Café Carusel. But be careful. The last week has been quite warm and the ice slowly starts melting. So stay on the paths that the experienced locals made.
Here some impressions from today:

path on the ice

Restaurant Boathouse (just open in the summer)

the "open" sea

the ice slowly starts melting

mole between Uunisaari and Luiskasaari

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