Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving to Helsinki I

Ok, the last days you had to read a lot about the weather here. Sorry for that! But now something useful. I want to open a new service category for you. Over the next days I will provide a bit of information to people who are planning to move to Helsinki or are already living here and searching for a new place to stay. Knowing where to find the apartments is one thing. But I think it is also quite useful to have some basic information about the apartment market in this city. That’s why I listed down some things you should know. Today I'll start with :
the price level

First of all you have to arrange yourself with the fact that Helsinki is probably one of the most expensive cities in Europe or even the world. There are so many rankings for the most expensive cities in the world that all come to different conclusions but let me tell you that Helsinki is quite often among the top 10. For an apartment in the center with one bedroom you pay an average rent of around 900 € per month. In Berlin you could probably get three bedrooms for that price. But also the living expenses are a bit higher here. It is quite obvious when you go out since especially the prices for alcohol are quite high. But also at the supermarket you will see a difference (especially with foreign products like cheese from the Netherlands). You’ll find a pretty good overview over the general price level here.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Hello
    This is a very informative blog!

    However, i am from Sydney, Australia and I'm thinking of moving to Finalnd/Europe. Sydney is in my experience the most expensive place to live as rent for example is well over 1600 € in an apartment per month :(

    I am quite relieved to read about prices in Europe on your blog :)

  2. Live in Tallinn and thinking of moving to Helsinki. Looking forward to having my standard of living improve considerably! Looking at the website you linked to Tallinn is more expensive than Helsinki. Adjusting for the multiple wage difference between the cities everything is cheaper in Helsinki in real terms and even a lot of food and other items are cheaper in nominal terms. Good life you guys have over there across the water!

  3. I hope you like your new house! And haha that is totally the kind of thing id say if I Moved:)

  4. Nevertheless, i'm through Quarterly report, Sydney as well as I am considering shifting in order to Finalnd/Europe. Quarterly report is actually in my opinion probably the most costly spot to reside because lease for instance is actually more than 1600 € within an condo monthly.

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