Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Healthy and fresh take-away soup

Soups are a new trend in Helsinki. And they are the perfect food to warm up on a cold fall day. Among the soup places in town is also a small new soup kitchen called LaSoupe. You find it on Eerikinkatu just a few blocks away from the city center.

soup at LaSoupe

LaSoupe has several fresh and tasty soups on offer every day. The selection varies daily but always has enough choices for everyone's taste.

The soups come in take-away cups for you to have on the way to work, town or just in between for a snack. Of course you can also eat them right there at one of the high tables though. 

Bone Broth

Or try one of the owner's new specialties: Bone Broth. It is a hot soup-like drink made from stock and ginger. Ask for a tasting cup and give it a try.


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