Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Good coffee at the airport

The security check at the airport Helsinki Vantaa normally goes quite fast. That leaves lots of time for a hot drink and a small snack. And the probably best place for that is Johan & Nyström. The Swedish coffee chain that also sells its coffee through other vendors runs a really nice little café here at Terminal 1.

Johan & Nyström at Helsinki Vantaa Airport

You can find delicious hot and cold sandwiches with e.g. egg and caviar, peanutbutter and tomatoes or cheese and melon here. And of course you can get their delicious coffee as cappuccino, espresso or just black.

Enjoy and have a good flight!


  1. i love this place.

  2. I was very happy when i drunk coffee here. Their quality of coffee is just awesome and their sandwich are very delicious. I want to visit here again. This is the best coffee club.