Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fishing for everyone

You like herring and would love to catch some yourself right here in Helsinki? You don’t know how it works and where to go? Well, it’s quite easy. One really good spot is at Salmisaari next to the bridge to Lauttasaari. Basically all you need is a fishing line with three to six hooks and a heavy weight at the end. You can get all that at any fishing shop or places like Clas Ohlson for a reasonable price. Of course a fishing rod makes it easier but it’s not necessary. Also don’t forget to bring a bag or box for the fish. Since you fish at the open sea and not a lake you don’t need a fishing license.

You don’t need any bait. Just lower the line into the water till the weight hits the ground, let it hang there, move it a bit from time to time and wait. Pretty soon the first fish will bite. Since they confuse it with their food and they just bite the plain hook. As soon as you feel something is on the hook, pull the line up and collect your catch. 

In no time you can catch quite a big amount of herring there. Consider to disembowel it right away since it is quite a mess and smelly to do that at home. The seagulls will also appreciate it.

The fresh fish makes a great dinner if you fry it and eat it together with some potatoes. Here you find a nice recipe. If you want to go through the trouble you can also make pickled herring.

During the next days and weeks is the best time to catch herring. So don't wait too long!

Good fishing!

Caution! For pregnant women it is not recommended to eat Baltic herring more than once per month.


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