Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Real and real good Italian ice cream

Real Italian ice cream is treat usually only reserved for travels to the country itself. Lucky now it is also possible right here in Helsinki. And that is thanks to an Italian expat who made it his mission to bring the frozen delicacy to the Finnish capital.

Gelatteria Finland

At the Gelatteria Finland ice cream truck they use original Italian recipes to make the ice cream as creamy and tasty as it should be. Every morning the new batch for the day is freshly made.

Pistacchio , Marscarpone, Stracciatella, Coconut - every day the selection of flavors changes. And for affordable 3,90 € you can get two scoops in a proper waffle.

Gelatteria Finland is usually located at Säästöpankintie next to Ympyrätalo in Hakaniemi. But to be sure, check their Facebook page beforehand.

Enjoy and don't come too late. On a sunny day they run out of their delicious freight fairly fast.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Finnish municipal elections 2017

The municipal elections are just a bit over a week away. And most of the people living in Finland are eligible to vote.

by Yle News

You are not sure you are among them? Allowed to vote are:
  • Finnish, EU, Icelandic and Norwegian citizens who are at least 18 and have lived in the municipality more than 50 days.
  • Other foreigners 18 who have lived in the municipality more than 50 days and who lived in Finland for at least two years in a row.
If you are eligible to vote, please do so. Now you have a chance to have an influence in what happens in Helsinki.

It might be tough to come by information about the election and the parties if you don't speak Finnish or Swedish. But there are a few sources in English that can help you:

For more information on the election, what it is about and who is eligible to vote, check out kuntavaalit.fi.

For information about the parties check out the link list on Yle as well as the Yle News debate in English.

You still have until next week Sunday to make your decision. So check out the information.

And don't forget to vote on April 9!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Best Expat Blog Finland

iCompareFX Top Global Expat Blog awards 2017
It it always great to get positive feedback on my blog. Today I was happy to receive a nice confirmation of my work from the guys at ICompareFX with HelsinkiIn being awarded Best Expat Blog in Finland.

Check out the link to also view the winner from other countries. You can find great insider tips for countries from around the world.

Thanks though also to all those people leaving their lovely comments here. All that positive feedback is the best motivation to continue writing about the best city in the world :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Navigate LUX with Spaceitup

On Thursday LUX Helsinki will start again. Around town impressive light installations with aw visitors again for four days again. The 9th LUX Helsinki features 15 exiting exhibits by artists from Finland and around the world.

LUX Helsinki 2016

And there is something special about this year's event. The location service Spaceitup has created a map that allows easy navigation along all light installation.

LUX Helsinki map on SpaceItUp

Just install the Android app and enter the LUX space. You find the app here. Be aware that Spaceitup is still in testing phase and might still have some bugs. The app, as well as LUX Helsinki itself is free.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Hyvää uutta vuotta kaikille! Have a happy New Year! Now 2017 arrived and it is not an ordinary year. This year Finland turns 100! It was opened with a huge party at Kansalaistori and the unveiling of the new city library's name (it is going to be Oodi).

Happy New Year

But there is more, much more to come. Throughout the year there will be loads of special events in the capital of course. On the Suomi Finland 100 website you can read up on everything you should know about the year-long birthday party. Check it out!

But for now I wish you all a great start into the new year and an amazing 2017!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Helsinki has a sky bar

It's another step towards becoming a word city. With the opening of the new Clarion Hotel in Länsisatama Helsinki got its first sky bar.

Sky Room at Clarion Helsinki

Sure there was always Ateljee at Torni, a wonderful place with an amazing view. But the atmosphere of a sky bar as you can find it in places like Bangkok, Shanghai or New York could not be found in the Finnish capital.

That changed now. With Sky Room a cocktail bar with a big city feeling opened its doors in mid October. From the low chairs and tables next to the giant windows visitors can experience a breathtaking view over the city skyline.

cocktails and snacks at the Sky Room

Besides the cocktails, which are quite out of the ordinary the some nice and hearty snacks are served up here on level 17 of the new hotel. The prices are in the higher price category. You obviously pay for the view as well. But it is worth it and I can highly recommend the visit to anyone.

Check it out and enjoy the amazing panorama!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The herring fishers are in town

It is the time of the year again where Vanha Satama at Kauppatori turns into a floating market. At the Silakka Markinat small and big boats from Åland come to Helsinki to sell their fresh fish, delicious Saaristoleipä bread and much much more. It is a century old tradition that started in the 1700s.

Silakka Markinat

With the beginning of October the boats come to the Finnish capital and stay for a week. And it's worth to drop by. Step onto one of the big sailing ships for a warm salmon soup or get a little fish snack from one of the many small merchant boats and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The market is still on until Saturday. And the weather looks quite promising as well. So go and check it out!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The world's most public sauna

Have you been to Helsinki's only free sauna? It is called Sompasauna and is located in Sompasaari a few hundred meters away from the Kalasatama metro. Sompasauna is run by volunteers and hence completely free to use.

Timo Wilderness made an excellent video about the place. Check it out.

And come to Sompasauna as long as it is still in its location. And if you have an idea or suggestion where a new location for it could be in the next year and want to help rescue the world's most public sauna, leave a comment below or get in touch with the Sompasauna peopled directly through their website.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Night of the Arts

We are in the middle of the Helsinki Festival (Juhlaviikot), the biggest art festival in Finland and one of the best festivals in Helsinki. Until September 4 there are countless big and small events taking place around town.

Juhlaviikot in Helsinki

One of the absolute highlights of Juhlaviikot is the legendary Night of the Arts which is on tonight. Tonight the city if filled with free arts performances, exhibitions, music, kids program and much, much more. Check out everything that happens on the map on their website.

Enjoy the Night of the Arts and the rest of Juhlaviikot and have a great time!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday island fun

Summer came back to Helsinki. At least a little. This Sunday gives the best oportunity to still enjoy one of those beautiful Finnish summer days.

Helsinki Archipelago

How about a trip to an island for that? Today is Vartiosaari-päivä. On the island in the Eastern part of Helsinki a whole day of music, art, water and family activities and more awaits you. A free water shuttle from the main land operates the whole day through.

For more information check out the Facebook evnet.

Have a nice Sunday!